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Here I am with my twin brother and good friend David Duchovny

  • My name is Jacob Charles Van Rite

  • I have been an employee at SNC for ten years now

    • I started off doing dishes for the chefs​

    • I worked my way into the Amore station after renovations and gave the campus some of the best pizzas it has ever had

    • I took a full time position at the restaurant Dale's and brought Wing Wednesday to campus culture

    • I added IT to my job description when my coworkers learned I knew how to use a computer

  • I ​decided to pursue a degree in computer science to follow my sister to Seattle (and be able to afford it)

  • I would have majored in Star Wars if it was available

    • I hope to incorporate Star Wars into a final paper every semester of my college career​

  • I love technology and would love to hone my skills so I can contribute something useful to the world

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